Private Label

“Private label” can be understood as “own brand”. And what do we mean by this topic? Follow the text to the end to learn the grandeur of the private label universe and everything it can provide you.

What is “Private Label”?

Most likely, you know people who dream of having its own business…. For example, do you know those someone who dream of having its own cosmetics brand? And after a while, that person creates a profile on social networks and begins to engage in marketing to promote its brand? You probably even have friends who have achieved financial independence through jobs like these.

But the point is: How do these people start producing private brand products if they don’t have a cosmetics industry? Yes, they adopt the PRIVATE LABEL model, and this model has grown in several areas, including the cosmetics business, did you know that?

Maybe, you’re asking yourself, “okay, I’ve understood that many use private label to start in the world of entrepreneurship, but after all, what does this private label model has that makes it so special?” We answer: the private label model is nothing more than a type of contract that one company makes with another, so that company works in the development of a product, let’s say it is a form of outsourcing.

If you already have a name, a hair product idea and everything else needed to give life to your product (which until then only exists in your imagination), the alternative of private label, is the most interesting solution to start your business.

The advantages of Private Label:

The advantages of investing in private label are several, for example: you have the chance to keep the focus in launching your product, without having to worry about its production, since the contracted company is responsible for its manufacture; you also have the chance to invest your capital in the commercial area, that is, the investment that would go to manufacturing, can be applied in other sectors.

Now, talking about the cosmetics market, where there are industries that operate with private label, we can mention Floractive, which currently serves several brands for the development of products, such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, leave-in and sealants, ensuring their manufacture and quality. All products are developed with full responsibility for the environment and not performing animal tests.

Points to be evaluated:

So if you already know that you want to get into the cosmetics business, some points should be evaluated before hiring a private label. Thus, as many industries are certified and committed to its manufacture, there are also those that can deliver a poor quality product, so it is important to make sure that the contracted company complies with the standards of Health Surveillance (Anvisa), in addition to considering the causes that the company supports and whether it has the same values that you want to add to your brand.

So, what did you think of this alternative? The dream of having your own business is closer than you can imagine with private label.

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